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>>> This Free Marketing Video Course Is Specifically Designed For Local Businesses Who Try To Get New Customers From The Internet <<<

This course is full of insider information, tips and techniques that will help you grow your business FAST using the power of the Internet.

If you have ever asked yourself…

1. “Why am I not getting more leads or sales from my website?”

2. “How are my competitors getting so much business from the Internet, and I’m not?”

3. “Why is my website nowhere to be found?”

4. “Is web marketing effective at all – how many people are actually looking for my business on the Internet?”

 … then you have come to the right place!



Most Websites Are NOT Designed With Search Engine Optimization Or Lead Generation In Mind!

If you only need an online brochure-type website that you can send prospects to in order to get more information about your business, and if you already have a website that is decent looking, then don’t bother with this course. Most businesses already have what they need.

However if you want to experience the REAL power of the Internet, and learn the insider secrets of how to attract new customers for your business, then we welcome you to join this video course. And if you have asked yourself any of these questions above – then you’ve stumbled across a resource that will help you get the answers, as well as the solutions you seek for your business.Does YOUR Website have two pretty faces?

After watching these videos you will understand why each website that wants to attract new business needs to have TWO faces – one that looks pretty for the visitors and one that is attractive to the search engines.

We walk you through setting up a new website that the search engines love, so they send new customers your way.



In Simple Terms And Step-By-Step You Will Learn:


How to create a new website for your business or modify your existing website so it becomes a traffic magnet and automated lead collecting machine


Search Engine Optimization techniques that make Google and other search engines send you more new customers than you can handle!


What “keywords” are and why they unlock the Internet’s treasure chests. Your keywords can make or break your website success!


How to find out how many customers are using the Internet to search for your type of products and services in your area


How to secure your website and keep hackers and spammers out. Your website is a virtual storefront promoting your business 24/7 – learn how to securely lock your doors and get rid of shoplifters!


How to change the design of your website with a few clicks (no graphic designer needed! Members say that this is the most fun part of this course!)


How to add more functionality to your site – you can turn your website into anything you want! There is a plugin for almost everything (except making coffee…)

checkmark How to promote your website for FREE, syndicate your content, attract additional traffic, and get the search engines to index new pages automatically!

How to create backlinks to your website the RIGHT way so you benefit the most. If you miss this, all your effort to get good search engine rankings might be in vain!


… and so much more!


Even If You Already Have A Great Website And No Intention To Change It, This Course Will Benefit You Greatly!

You might already know that “blogs” (short for: web-logs = interactive magazin-style websites that allow commenting and user interaction) are extremely popular – not only with the search engines but also with customers. Even Fortune 500 companies have realized that it is good marketing advice to allow visitors to interact with your business through your website and start a conversation so users can get to know, like and trust you. You need to “warm them up” and establish a relationship first, before you can hit them with any sales pitch. Internet Marketing is much like dating – and you don’t propose on the first date, do you?

More Customers for {type} businesses using WordPress and SEOBy adding an interactive blog to your website you give new customers a place to interact with you and your business. You basically ask them for a date with you and your business.

Blogs also perfectly integrate with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. (Read what Wikipedia writes about social media for local businesses). This makes a blog is a perfect addon for any business portfolio website that enhances user experience and attracts search engines!


A WordPress blog is not only search-engine friendly, it also uses one of the most powerful content management systems that allows you to remain in full control of your website and your content!

  • Never again you have to pay a webmaster high fees for small changes that you or your secretary can easily do yourself with the integrated editor that is as easy to use as Word!
  • You are able to change the design of your website with one simple click – no designer needed!
  • You can browse over 10,000 free plugins and easily add more functionality to your website
  • The software is regularly updated so it becomes more user-friendly and secure – and all updates are free!

The best part… not only our video course, but ALL of this is 100% FREE! No strings attached! You can potentially save thousands of dollars on web development costs or search engine optimization services! So sign up now before we change our mind and start charging for this awesome training!

All you have to do is click the link below, watch the free training videos, and implement what you’ve learned!


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